Trevor's travels Australia,Queensland & NSW Oct 2011 Day 3 – Log
3 trailer road train

Day 3 – Log

We made it! 2,057 km’s in just over 2 days. We got to our friends place about 6:30pm last night, just in time for dinner. Here are some pictures of the day:

Saw quite a few of these road trains along the road weighing in at a cool 90 tonne.

Some trivia: The truck in the picture has 15 axles, 14 with 4 tyres each and the front one with 2 tyres. Think about the last time you had to replace the tyres on your car how much that cost. These tyres are about $1,800 each. That’s 58 tyres at $1,800 each. Let’s go buy a house!

Saw all sorts of trucks

And quite a lot of larger or wider trucks.

The way these two 3 trailer grain road trains where sitting made it look like a very large 6 trailer road train.

What the last 1500 kms looked like IMG_5144

Most of the drive was relatively flat and bare. This part approaching Moree started to show signs of green but still very green and open. Just wildlife.

WA Freightlines road train IMG_5284
WA Freightlines road train we ran with

One of the road trains that we ran with from Broken Hill. We’d pass him then we’d
take a break and he’d pass us. It doesn’t show in the picture, but the backs of these trucks would often sway quite a bit making them a little hazardous to pass.

IMG_5325 - RTA workers watching a puddle
What should we do about this puddle

“What do you think we should do about this puddle?”

“Lets stand here and watch for a while. It might disappear”

“Well good we’ve got our shovels to lean on just in case we
fall asleep then”

🙂  An RTA road crew at Moree in New South Wales

Queensland road

Of the whole drive, the worst road we came across was in Queensland.

Getting close. Approaching Toowomba

The end is now in sight. We’re approaching Toowoomba.

The Toowomba outskirts – we’re almost there

And the Toowoomba outskirts