Trevor's travels Australia,Queensland & NSW Oct 2011 Aaron and Trevor’s road trip to QLD (Sep/Oct 2011)

Aaron and Trevor’s road trip to QLD (Sep/Oct 2011)

Sep Oct 2011 QLD trip map
Our planned route there and back

Aaron and Trevor’s road trip to QLD (Sep/Oct 2011)

At the end of September Aaron and myself are off to Queensland where we’ll be spending a few days and then making our way back to Adelaide in a relaxed way via New South Wales and Victoria.

It’s all up about a 4,700km (2,920 miles) of which parts will be desert, rain forest, coastal, farm land and much more. It should be an experience. Anyway, here is our intended track (click on map to see larger version)

We’ve got the tent and all our stuff ready and packed in the car. Had the car serviced so we should be good there (it’s only 6 months old). We’ve got the internet with us so the car tracker will be online so you can watch us as we do this trip to see where we are at.

Many of the roads neither of us have travelled on, especially between Broken Hill and Brisbane stretch. Its really all new so very much looking forward to it.