Time to hit the road again with camera in hand and see what I can find. This time the mission was to drive the Port Augusta – Port Lincoln – Ceduna triangle. Once the car was packed it was time to head of.

route map - 10-13 Oct 2014
Planned journey around the Pt Augusta, Pt Lincoln, Ceduna triangle

I did pretty much stick to the plan.

09 Oct 2014 Map
Day 1 map showing stops

First picture spot was soon after Port Wakefield on the way to Port Augusta.

Wheat crops almost ready for harvest in South Australia
Wheat crops almost ready for harvest in South Australia

Not far past Port Wakefield is a town called Lochiel which has a salt water lake that has quite a strong pink colour to it.

Pink Lake
Pink salt water lake near Lochiel, north of Adelaide, South Australia

Something that has always attracted me is roads that don’t have signs, especially dirt roads. It’s quite amazing what you find when you venture down these roads.

Down the beaten track
Travelling through the Whyalla Conservation Park on the way to Wild Dog Hill
Wild Dog Hill
Within the Whyalla Conservation Park, Wild Dog Hill
Road to Whyalla
Returning from Wild Dog Hill, the road seems to go on for ever

Next stop, Whyalla for lunch. Found this really nice spot by a small lake.

Lunch spot in Whyalla
Great little spot for some lunch and then a good brisk walk to work it off
Lunch spot in Whyalla
Great little spot for some lunch and then a good brisk walk to work it off

Even some excitement on the way, could see smoke for quite a few miles eventually coming across a bush fire in the Midgee area along the Lincoln Hwy.

Bush fire in Midgee, South Australia
Fire broke out along the Lincoln Hwy

Small fishing village called Lucky Bay is where the Ferry comes in from the other side of the Adelaide side of the gulf for those that don’t want to drive to Port Augusta and back down again. It cuts about 277km or 24 minutes of the trip. Mmmm… Not sure it’s worth the money except for it being something different and possibly a little more relaxing.

Lucky Bay, South Australia
Lucky Bay is where you arrive when coming across on the Ferry from Wallaroo

The first night stayed at the Arno Bay caravan park and was lucky to get a spot on the shore front just near the jetty.

Camp site view at Arno Bay, SA
The view from my campsite at Arno Bay, South Australia
Arno Bay, South Australia
The Arno Bay beach, a great place to come and play during the summer months

One thing to note regarding fuel. I made it to Arno Bay with one tank. Had to drive to Cleve which is inland about 25km’s to get fuel. $1.70 a litre there ($0.20/litre more expensive than normal on the day). Lesson from the following day, just put in enough to get to Port Lincoln as it’s much cheaper and they have mainstream service stations so you can use shopping vouchers to get more discount.  So before you leave on your drive, make sure you understand your car’s fuel consumption.