Trevor's travels Australia,Queensland & NSW Oct 2011 Day 2 – Log (pt1)
Cafe on border between SA and NSW

Day 2 – Log (pt1)

Cafe on border between SA and NSW
The border Cafe

Well it was a good thing we managed to get a cabin. We were woken by a severe thunder storm about 2am and again at 4am. Would have been washed out had we been in tents. Not being able to get to sleep again, decided to hit the road early.

Had breakfast in Yunta at 6am which we binned 🙁 then headed for the border where we stopped for a couple of pictures. Then drove onto Broken Hill where I’m writing this while Aaron gets a proper breakfast (or so he thinks). We’ve got a severe thunderstorm with very heavy rain at the moment so we’ll stay put for a bit. Listening to the CB, most of the truckies are pulling over.

SA/NSW border, Barrier Hwy.
Small village established at the SA/NSW border.
Heading for Broken Hill
Heading for Broken Hill after crossing the boarder into NSW the sky was not looking to good. Roads where also quite empty.

We’ve got fuel (60 litres for 502km) so that will get us to Bourke. Will log back again later.