Mannum by the Murray River for a couple nights camping

Mannum located on the Murray River in South Australia is about an hours drive from our home so an ideal place to try out our new tent. With weather that was just perfect, packed the car and of we went. We called up the Mannum Caravan Park and they gave us quite a nice spot right by the river.

Here are some of the pictures taken from this trip. You can click on the photo and it will open to a full size image.

Mannum, South Australia

The River Murray at Mannum, South Australia with the Mannum Caravan Park in the centre. If you zoom in, you can see our tent.

Pelican enjoying a swim

Pelican enjoying a swim looking for a feed on the Murray River at Mannum

A Pelican and Great Cormorant on the River Murray at Mannum seen from the banks of the Mannum Caravan Park in South Australia

The Pelicans are checking us out

The Australian Pelican is quite a large bird at about 1.8 meters with a wing span of 2.5 meters and weigh about 8kg.

Galah, a member of the Parot family sits on a gum tree in the river eating any new leaves that grow.

The Great Cormorant or Australian Cormorant is the largest of the Cormorant family. This one is looking intently for a feed while perched in the middle of the Murray River just by the Mannum Caravan Park in South Australia.

Perched high above the water of the Murray River is this Great Cormorant at Mannum in South Australia

Ducks going for a swim

No shortage of ducks at the Mannum Caravan Park in South Australia

Patty doing Selfie with the birds

The Murray River at the Mannum Caraven Park was quite beautiful with the bird life.